What is Fusion Forums?

Think marketing research “Micro” Conference — where Education and Networking are perfectly joined. It is a less traditional, condensed conference style which offers the attendee the opportunity to learn and teach about latest marketing research industry trends in a more intimate setting. Thought- provoking, yet social; local and global, Fusion Forums encompasses all of these to widen the scope of our industry together. Marketing Research veterans from either Brands, Agencies or Vendors, will present along with locally connected volunteers, a presentation aimed at raising the collective IQ.
Fusion Forums offer:

  • Three, 40 minute presentations with consecutive refreshment and networking breaks in between. For those feeling a bit more social, the presentations will be video streamed into a separate area with cocktails and canapés served simultaneously.
  • Mini-marketplace for Sponsors to share latest industry trends during following cocktail hour

Presentations will provide education in one of two formats:

  • Case Study representing present-day application of mixed technology, methods or techniques
  • Demonstration of innovative technology or methodology with potential for greater applicability

Presentations should relate from the position of Vendor, Agency, and/or Client and, ideally, a representative from each should be available to highlight the importance of good partner relationships.